Sample Essay on Changes in My Neighbourhood

Writing essay about a neighborhood is an inevitable assignment at one point in your academic journey. However, the common subject requires you to craft the most compelling paper to stand out in class. A reader begins to form an opinion about your neighborhood essay from the title. You have to keep the reader engaged all through the body and to the conclusion of your paper.

How do you write the best describe your neighborhood essay without sounding mundane? Here are excellent ideas to consider.

  • Choose a captivating topic – students at all grades to college have written about neighborhoods. You have to capture the attention of the reader by crafting the best topic for my neighborhood essay. Choose a fresh and unique perspective that promises new information to your readers.
  • Research the topic – read widely on how to improve your community essay to get facts about what you can do to create a better neighborhood. Quote credible reports and personalities who give impetus to your ideas.
  • Develop an outline – This is a skeleton of the essay. It highlights the points you intend to discuss in the paper, especially their order of appearance. You avoid mixing ideas, repeating, or skipping others.
  • Use writing tools – use available help tools to improve the quality of your writing. These sociology essay help tools include writing apps, citation platforms, and editing add-ons. You may also hire a professional editor.

My neighborhood essay example will help you to understand how to craft the best paper. Here is one written by a professional writer:

Reimagining My Neighborhood After the Covid-19 Pandemic


The coronavirus disease has taught us to look at our neighborhoods differently. Being forced to stay indoors or remaining within particular areas calls for a socialization change. It has given me a chance to rethink my neighborhood and the social life I have always assumed would come naturally.


From self-isolation to social distancing, and quarantines, several aspects of our social life have to change. To begin with, the social life of a family received more attention. How can the family unit enjoy a more engaging time in the house without having to depend on cinemas, sporting events, and entertainment joints? It will result in an increased intake of board games and other indoor entertainment facilities.

Parks in the neighborhood will also increase and receive more attention. After days of being holed up in the house, you want a visit a park as soon as possible. The parks require advocacy to make them habitable and comfortable for expected visitors. The restrictions have forced people to appreciate these public outdoor facilities more.

Fun facilities in the neighborhood have been on the receiving end. While they used to bring people together, they are now seen as super-spreaders enablers. It signals a change in perception. It will take a while before people fully embrace a return to normal.

One of the downsides of the pandemic on socialization is keeping people away. With people still divided by vaccine acceptance, organizing social activities in my neighborhood remains a difficult task. However, there is hope that everyone will soon interact freely.


From the discussion, the pandemic has hit hard at a social life. It will take a while before my neighborhood returns to normal. However, there is still a lot that neighbors can do together to make it fun living together.

Learning Points

From the essay, you can see the topic. It is relevant because it addresses socialization post-pandemic days. The introduction is also crafted to capture the imagination of any reader. The body of the paper systematically discusses the main ideas about changes in the neighborhood. The conclusion summarizes these ideas discussed in the body of the paper. Since it can be tough writing such an essay yet you need the best grades, you can obtain professional analytical essay writing help from accredited writing services online.